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Fingerprint Services

Fingerprint Services

We specialize in Out of State Fingerprinting, offering Fingerprint Cards, Florida Live Scan, FBI Live Scan, and "California Live Scan" fingerprinting. Our services are essential for professional licensing, personal record review, and compliance with legal requirements outside of Georgia. Located in Macon, we also extend our expertise through our statewide mobile service, ensuring convenient access for all your fingerprinting needs.

Our array of services includes traditional Ink Fingerprinting and advanced live scan options, catering to various industry standards and individual needs. Whether it's for FBI Background Checks, ATF/NFA documentation, or ensuring compliance with California's unique DOJ requirements, we provide reliable, efficient solutions.

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Secure Background Checks

Secure Background Checks

Explore our Secure Background Check services. Designed for individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive, non-fingerprint-based background screenings. Businesses can benefit from our flexible accounts, with no minimum requirements or hidden fees, offering a variety of checks to fit different needs. Perfect for companies looking to streamline their hiring process and individuals ensuring their readiness for new opportunities.

Our services also cater to those individuals instructed by employers for pre-employment and volunteer screenings or landlords for tenant screening, providing detailed reports without the need for fingerprinting. We also offer drug testing services, ensuring a complete assessment for safety and compliance.

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Specialized Services

Our Specialized Services, tailored for unique requirements. Our offerings include Statewide Mobile Fingerprinting, ensuring accessibility across Georgia, Corporate Solutions for group fingerprinting and streamlined hiring processes, and specialized ATF .EFT File for ATF Eforms. We also provide comprehensive Apostille services for international documentation and professional Signing Agent Services, catering to all signing needs.

Ideal for businesses seeking efficient workforce solutions, individuals needing specific legal documentation, or groups requiring on-site fingerprinting services. Our dedicated team ensures each service is conducted with precision and tailored to your specific needs, making complex processes straightforward and compliant.

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Fingerprinting Services

Traditional Ink and Roll Fingerprinting

  • Ink-Roll Method: Your fingers are dipped in ink and then rolled onto the fingerprint cards, capturing clear prints.
  • Manual Information Entry: You'll need to use a black ink pen to fill in your personal information on the cards.
  • Custom Card Compatibility: Ideal for custom fingerprint cards and forms that require traditional ink methods.

Upgrade to Live Scan Fingerprinting

  • Digital Convenience: Consider upgrading to Live Scan for a cleaner, ink-free experience. Your fingerprints are captured digitally and printed onto the cards.
  • Accuracy and Efficiency: Live Scan reduces the chances of smudges and errors, ensuring high-quality prints.
  • Automated Information Processing: Personal details are electronically printed on the cards, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Live Scan is a modern alternative that offers a more efficient and accurate way to capture your fingerprints for the same FD-258 and custom cards.

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Professional Fingerprinting Services

Our professional fingerprinting services provide convenient onsite or mobile options for capturing fingerprints. With our state-of-the-art technology and skilled technicians, we ensure accurate and reliable results for various identification and background check purposes.

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Convenient Mobile Fingerprinting

Our professional technicians provide convenient and hassle-free mobile fingerprinting services. Whether you need employee background checks or personal identification, we can come to your location to streamline the process. Save time and effort with our reliable mobile service.

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