California Live Scan in Georgia: Navigating Out-of-State Fingerprinting

Feb 22, 2024By Macon LiveScan Services


When you're in Georgia but need to meet California's fingerprinting requirements, navigating the process can feel like a maze. Here at Macon LiveScan Services, we offer a service uniquely designed for this situation, titled "California Live Scan in Georgia." This service is tailored for individuals and professionals who need to comply with California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) standards without crossing state lines.

Understanding the Process

California has stringent requirements for fingerprinting, often necessitating Live Scan for various applications, including employment, licensing, and certifications. However, California law does not permit the electronic submission of fingerprints from outside the state. Our service provides a crucial workaround that ensures your fingerprinting complies with California standards, right here from Georgia.

How We Bridge the Gap

FBI-Certified Live Scan Technology: Though we can't electronically submit your prints to California due to state restrictions, we use FBI-certified Live Scan technology to capture your fingerprints with precision and care.
Prints on Fingerprint Cards: After capturing your fingerprints via Live Scan, we print them onto the standard FD-258 fingerprint cards or other specific forms required by your application.
Completing the BCIA 8016 Form: We assist in completing the "Request for Live Scan Service" form (BCIA 8016), ensuring all necessary details are accurately filled out. Though we're not electronically sending your prints to California, this form is a crucial part of your application process, providing proof of your compliance with fingerprinting requirements.

The Benefits of Choosing Our Service

Compliance with CA DOJ Requirements: Our process ensures your fingerprinting meets California's standards, despite the geographical distance.
Convenience: No need to travel to California for Live Scan fingerprinting. We offer both in-office appointments in Macon and a statewide mobile service for Georgia residents.
Expert Guidance: Navigating out-of-state requirements can be complex. We provide expert assistance every step of the way, from capturing your prints to completing necessary documentation.

Ideal for Multiple Applications

Our "California Live Scan in Georgia" service is particularly valuable for professionals seeking licensure in multiple states, individuals applying for California-based employment from Georgia, and anyone needing to remotely meet California's fingerprinting requirements.

Getting Started

Schedule your appointment with Macon LiveScan Services today. Choose our in-office service for a quick and efficient experience, or opt for our mobile service for the ultimate convenience. We'll ensure your fingerprinting process is smooth, compliant, and hassle-free, even from across state lines.


Macon LiveScan Services offers a specialized "California Live Scan in Georgia" service to help you meet California's fingerprinting requirements from the comfort of Georgia. Our expert team is here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your application meets all necessary standards with ease and efficiency.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in fulfilling California's fingerprinting requirements without the need to leave Georgia.

This blog post aims to clarify the service offered by Macon LiveScan Services for those needing to meet California's fingerprinting requirements from Georgia, highlighting the use of FBI-certified Live Scan technology to print fingerprints onto cards and the assistance in completing the BCIA 8016 form, all within the compliance framework set by the California DOJ.